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LightRegie120vf, much more than a light desk!

Control lights, sound & video using  a single software with sophisticated networking and scripting capacities.

Connect a LanBox, an Enttec DMX USB PRO, an Udmx by [Anyma] or any Art-Net compliant Node to send out DMX512.

Use your iPad, iPhone, iPod as a remote controller.
Control your Quartz Composer, Isadora, Max-MSP  patches via UDP, UDP-Multicast or OSC directly from LightRegie120vf...

Discover the fascinating Breathe concept.

Lightool, a calculation and simulation utility primilary for lighting and video beam angle in theaters or any other kind of design installation

Nyno 1.2, a high performance but affordable «live» video software. Nyno features 2 x media players, titles generator, cyclorama and 3D geometry correction. Nyno 1.2 is now Syphon compliant with digitizing capabilities. MIDI & Art-Net control.


Créé sur un Mac

Since 2008, Toys For Theater sells professionnal sofwares for performing Arts to french-speaking technicians all around the World. User Manuals in English are now available. So, welcome!